26 Ekim 2011 Çarşamba

NHAN SOLO - Nothing compares 2 U Prince DJ Mix

That's what we are, we all want a love bizarre" - PRINCE.

True words of the purple majesty. To show him my eternal love and endless respect since day one,
I have made something very special that I wanted to do for a long long time... :)

My personal NOTHING COMPARES 2 U - PRINCE DJ MIX. 92,10min and 36 tracks is a journey through the musical
history of PRINCE, including some of my favorite songs like "Head, Seven, Pop Life, Starfish and Coffee" and many
many more....

Beliieve me, choosing the right tracks from 29 albums was more than a hard decision, hahaha....
And please don´t get me wrong, there is no "KISS or PURPLE RAIN"....but promise as a PRINCE fan you will love it anyway.

Have fun and never forget "U don’t have 2 watch dynasty 2 have an attitude" ! ! !

Yours truly, Nhan_

NHAN SOLO | Nothing compares 2 U | Prince DJ Mix by Nhan Solo

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