10 Ekim 2011 Pazartesi

Punks Jump Up presents the (wrong) 80's mix (Mixtape)

Punks Jump Up presents the (wrong) 80's mix by Punks Jump Up

The best of 1980's bonkers, funky, obscure, pop-gone-wrong gems, disco, punky, electro (Reagan era) & charity shop finds.
All songs have been ripped from original vinyl & then edited, tweaked, ruined, reversed & looped by Punks Jump Up.

These are tunes we found during our travels from London to NYC to Stockholm
to Sydney via Singapore, Milan & Newcastle. Enjoy!
Punks Jump Up


Walter Steding - Secret Spy (Animal)
Saada Bonaire - You Could Be More As You Are (EMI)
Savage Express - Tears Of Love (Virgin)
Sexual Harassment - We Want Prince (Heat)
Esavu - Spelling Love (Real Sound)
A Cha Cha At The Opera - S/T (Island)
Eddie + Sunshine - Somewhere Else In Europe (Re:Mix) (Survival)
Stopp - I'm Hungry (Caramba Mix) (Disco Magic)
Traks - You Can Feel Heat (Version Cabriolet) (Best International)
Foxy - Party Boys (TK)
Topper Headon - East vs West (Mercury)
B Beat Girls - For The Same Man (Juice)
I.R.T. - Watch The Closing Doors (Dub) (RCA)
Toney Lee - Love So Deep (instrumental) (Radar)
Yello - The Race (Derrick May remix) (Mercury)
Modern Romance - Salsa Rhapsody (WEA)
Free Enterprise - Make It on My Own (Ben Liebrand re-mix) (BMC)
The Rhythm Masters - Think I'm Gonna Lose Control (Underworld)
Associates - Heart Of Glass (Auchterhouse Instrumental) (WEA)
Boytronic - Bryllyant (Plus 8 re-mix) (BCM)
Kissing The Pink - I Won't Wait (Mixedub) (WEA)
Fox The Fox - Precious Little Diamond (Shep Pettibone re-mix) (Epic)

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